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17Apr, 2015

Housing Headlines, Week of April 13, 2015

NAHB Housing Headlines
MP Global
The Wall Street Journal
March continues to look better for home sales as additional reports from across the U.S. roll in.
For home buyers in northern California, speed is the name of the game.
The Wall Street Journal
It took Akuansa Graham seven minutes on a recent morning to craft a $124,000 bid for a three-bedroom Buford, Ga., home he had never seen.
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Georgia Pacific Gypsum
The Fiscal Times
Stocks are stuck in a funk. The NYSE Composite Index is braced against overhead resistance going all the way back to July. But specific areas of the market are rising with a sweet lightness that reminds us that while the economy may be struggling in certain areas — like shale oil communities, for instance — there are other areas that are prospering and growing. Home builders are one such area.
USA Today (AP)
U.S. home builders opened the spring buying season in March at a slower pace than last year.
America’s mortgage finance market is still recovering from its housing crisis hangover.
IKO Industries
The Hill
For so many Americans, housing is where everything begins.  Often, where a family lives shapes how they live—the jobs available to them, the educations their children receive, the health outcomes they experience, and the overall quality-of-life they enjoy. That’s why I’m happy to report that the housing market is reemerging as an engine of economic prosperity.
The Hill
On Sept. 7, 2008, after six consecutive quarters of increased foreclosures, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) placed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into conservatorship. Nearly seven years later, housing finance policy stands frustratingly still. The policies of 2008, while everything else around us has changed, are locked in place. The government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) remain in conservatorship, the housing comeback has been uneven, and the taxpayer remains at risk.
The Wall Street Journal
The “g-fees” that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac charge to guarantee mortgage-backed securities are a central factor in housing finance. The Federal Housing Finance Agency is rumored to be close to announcing a decision about them—but in fact the agency has nothing to decide. In order to revive the private secondary-mortgage market, Congress instructed the FHFA to raise the fees, told the agency how to do it, and gave the agency a 2013 deadline. That deadline is long past. It is time for the FHFA to obey the law.
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The New York Times
The federal regulator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac plans to lower the mortgage fees paid by some borrowers, but the move would amount to only modest help for risky buyers with checkered credit histories.
The Wall Street Journal
The regulator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will direct the housing-finance firms to slightly cut mortgage fees for riskier borrowers, a decision that falls short of what housing advocates wanted and yet is likely to anger conservative politicians who wanted higher charges.
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Los Angeles Times
Interested in a reverse mortgage without a lot of hassles? Better get your application in fast. As of April 27, the federal government is imposing a series of extensive “financial assessment” tests that will make applying for a reverse mortgage tougher — much like applying for a standard home mortgage.
International Code Council

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13Apr, 2015

Where are Home Prices Headed?


 nahb monday morning
April 13, 2015
Where are Home Prices Headed?
Consumers and industry experts are largely in sync.
True or False: Millennials Desire a Home in the Suburbs
Hint: Don’t believe the stereotypes.
AXA is proud to be a NAHB Member Advantage member.
Codes and Regulations
NAHB Gains High Ground on Floodplain Management Regs
Builders voice concerns during listening sessions as a congressional think tank joins the chorus.
EPA Extends Lead Paint Recertification for Remodelers
NAHB Remodelers leaders successfully pushed for this rule extension.
Stricter Energy Codes Does Not Guarantee Energy Savings
Study fuels NAHB argument that proposed code changes must have a reasonable payback.
New Water Heater Standards Take Effect this Week
The most significant changes will be to those greater than 55 gallons in capacity.
Value of Membership
Special Associate Member News Column Kicks Off on NAHBNow
 Associates Today provides the news you need in one convenient location.
Maximize Sales and Profits by Working with Your Realtor
Establishing relationships with your local real estate agents can pay big dividends.
Builders Helping Builders
Designations for Dummies
Builders size up NAHB designations and offer opinions on the ones that help them the most.

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