spike-club-logo-hbca-of-brevardWhat is a Spike?

The NAHB Spike Club is NAHB’s recognition and incentive program for individuals working in membership recruitment and retention. Based upon credits earned, there is a progressive program of awards including pins, certificates, plaques, sweaters, and blazers. In addition to the recognition programs and incentives at the national level, most local and state associations with active Spikes sponsor their own special recognition events.

A Spike is an individual who has earned at least 6 credits within a two year period. Spike credits are earned by recruiting and retaining NAHB and council members. A Spike Candidate is an individual who has earned between 1 and 5 credits Spike credits and will soon become a full Spike with continued credit accrual.

NAHB recognizes and rewards these membership development efforts with its Spike Club awards program. Awards are earned beginning with 6 credits and at different increments up to the status of All-Time Big Spike of 1500d.

How Credits Are Earned

• Individuals earn one new member credit for each new member sponsored.
• One retention credit is automatically assigned to the sponsor of record for first-year renewals, if the renewal occurs on or before the anniversary date. Every year after one-half a credit is earned, if the renewal form lists the sponsoring member.
• One-half credit is earned for the recruitment and retention of affiliate members.
• One-half credit is earned for the recruitment of a new council member.
• One-quarter credit is earned for a council membership renewal.
Introduction to NAHB’s Spike Club is a handy reference to the rules, levels, and credits of the Spike Club.

Double credits are offered through a special monthly promotion. Specific rules and guidelines apply.

Spike Achievement Levels

• Spike Candidate – 1 to 5 credits
• Blue Spike – 6 to 24 credits
• Life Spike – 25 to 49 credits
• Green Spike – 50 to 99 credits
• Red Spike – 100 to 149 credits
• Royal Spike – 150 to 249 credits
• Super Spike – 250 to 499 credits
• Statesman Spike – 500 to 999 credits
• Grand Spike – 1000 to 1499
• All-Time Big Spike – 1500+

Annual Spike Competitions

Each year, Spikes compete in several year-long individual membership competitions. Participation in these competitions offer an opportunity for Spikes to increase their involvement, achieve new Spike status levels and gain greater recognition. Detailed information about the Spike Competitions is available.

Spike Appreciation Month

November is Spike Appreciation Month – An annual celebration of Spikes’ continual contributions to the membership development process at all levels of the federation and to the nation’s building industry. November is just one month during the year when NAHB and its local and state associations recognize and say “Thank You!” to the active Spikes. Resources are available to help plan a special Spike recognition event, advertise November as Spike Appreciation Month, and encourage activity in the state or local Spike Club.

The Spike Party at The International Builders’ Show®

One way NAHB recognizes active Spikes for their dedicated membership development efforts is at the Spike Party/Director’s Reception at the International Builders’ Show. Every year approximately 3,000-4,000 Spikes and NAHB National Directors attend a high-energy, big-name entertainment musical event, complete with food and beverage.

Eligible Spikes, NAHB National Directors, and Executive Officers receive two complimentary tickets to the party. Eligible Spikes have at least 6 credits AND either one new member recruitment credit by October 31. The new member recruitment credit may be composed of one full credit received when a new Builder or Associate member is recruited, or two 1/2 credits received when new Affiliate or Council members are recruited. 

Current Member Spike Status

All Time Big Spike Credits
Paul Joyal 2049.75

Statesman 500 Credits
Bob Cochran 532.50

Super Spike 300
Cliff Hirsch 371.25

Super Spike 250
Ozzie Webster 294
Fred Robinson 255

Royal Spike 150
Joe DiPrima 166
Roy Pence 154.5

Red Spike 100
Steve Johnson 143.25
Bill Kabboord 128

Green Spike 75
Michael Williams SR 76.5
Vicki Mays 91
Tom Hull 89

Green Spike 50
Annette Armstrong-Rutkowski 68.25
Don Simms 67

Life Spike
Barry Richardson 49.7
Pat Healy 39.5
Natasha Cartegena Spencer 28
Laura Claypool 28
Dave Foley 29.5
Jason Stanley 26
Corey Lancaster 28.5

Blue Spike
Coy Clark 15