2Mar, 2016

Membership Breakfast With Guest Speaker Trudie Infantini

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You’re invited to the

 Membership Breakfast

With Guest Speaker Trudie Infantini


Breakfast Sponsored By
Meet HBCA Members
Please join us for our General Membership Breakfast Meeting. Invite all your colleagues to come and learn more about HBCA and the benefits it will bring you and your company. This is a great opportunity to network with other HBCA members. Plus learn about what events your committees and councils have planned for the upcoming months.
Trudie Infantini District 3 Commissioner
will be speaking and answering questions
Mrs. Infantini was first elected to this position in 2008 and was reelected to another four year term in 2012. She believes in less government and lower taxes and is consistently voting against tax increases, impact fees, government regulation , and wasteful spending.
Tuesday, March 22nd.
Breakfast and networking at 8:15
Trudie Infantini will speak at 8:45
27Jul, 2015

Member Breakfast Sponsored by Edward Jones 7-30-15

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The membership breakfast has been changed to July 30th at 8:30 am. 

Membership Breakfast Sponsored by

Knowledge is the best tool in your box!
 Join us to learn how to get the best advantages from the foundation of a sound retirement plan.
Learn simple and effective strategies to maximize your Social Security benefits. Hear from experts on how Social Security works, and what you can do now, to increase your retirement funding.
We will fill your stomach with food and your head with useful information.
Guest Speakers
Derek Roy, Senior Regional Vice President with Pacific Life- Retirement Solutions Division 
Susan Wood with Pacific Life- Senior Retirement Strategies Group Consultant.
HBCA Headquarters
1500 W. Eau Gallie Suite A-2
Melbourne, FL. 32935
21May, 2015

Blower Door Test – Personal Experience from Jerry Linder President FHBA

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Jerry Linder, President of the FHBA, was our Special Guest and did a marvelous job speaking at our Membership Breakfast on Wednesday.  Read one of the topics he touched on- the Blower Door Test   
President’s ReportIn school, we received grades for quizzes that would determine how we would fair on a real test. I had an opportunity to have a house that I am currently building scrutinized (or graded) by Jane and Randy Conn, local members of the Tallahassee Builders Association who are also HERS Raters. I desired an assessment to determine if I was ready for the new building code effective July 1, 2015. I wanted them to emphasize if I was building a home that would create the appropriate thermal envelope necessary to pass the blower door test.How did I fair? Let’s just say it was an eye opening experience. The results do not suggest that I need to re-learn how to build a home. However, the feedback does suggests that I tweak a few building practices such as framing, insulation and house wrapping. Imagine the frustration of not passing the blower door test because of a minor issues with a few building practices on an already completed house. The changes I am being encouraged to make are easy to comply with, provided I know in advance what to do.

Therefore, I encourage you all to get educated to understand what it takes to pass the blower door test. FHBA and our local BAs are offering educational opportunities. Click here to access these opportunities. Another option, find a HERS Rater who is a member of your local association and ask them to grade your house. Whichever approach you take, you will likely have a similar eye opening experience.
Jerry Linder is a custom home builder, a Past President of the Northeast Florida Builders Association, and 2015 President of the FHBA

20May, 2015

Thanks For Joining Us For the HBCA Member Breakfast on May 20, 2015

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Thanks to all that joined us for the member breakfast.  The food was great and the guest speakers were very informative.  Big thanks to Jim Harvest from Harvest Web Design discussing upcoming improvements to the HBCA website including spotlighting new members on the home page.  Then we heard from Dave Ashley from the NAHB, Rusty Payton from FHBA, and lastly, FHBA President,  Jerry Linder discussing state and national legislation.

If you were not able to make it, we really missed you and hope to see you at the next one.  Here are a few pictures from this event.