Trevor Lewis, President
Home Builders & Contractors Association of Brevard

Dear Members:

What an unusual 1st quarter of the New Year. I can’t imagine anyone could have foreseen our current situation. Although at differing levels and severity, all have experienced problems associated with the Corona Virus. For many, it is an inconvenience, but we must be mindful of those whose health and/or livelihood has been severely effected. Make sure to count your blessings and help your friends and neighbors through this extremely challenging time.

We are very pleased to announce a new addition to the HBCA of Brevard team. We have been lucky enough to find a new Marketing/Events Coordinator to bring us up to speed on our digital marketing and event planning. Angel Colbourne has a real estate marketing background and is skilled in the creation of digital and print marketing, as well as the creation and maintenance of websites and social media content.

Please make sure to reach out to our new superstar and welcome her to the team!

As a result of our new (temporary) normal, the HBCA staff is working remotely. They are all still available to help, but the best way to communicate for now will be through the following email contacts:

Angel Colbourne:

Sandra Ross:

Erin Miller:

I want to remind all members that this HBCA is here to help you in many different ways. If you have any questions, or suggestions of how we can help, please contact us through the aforementioned emails. We look forward to getting back to business as usual and all of our face to face events as soon as it is safe to do so.


Trevor Lewis
HBCA of Brevard President

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