Christina Slate Peay's Electric HBCA of Brevard President 2021Dear Members:

It’s hard to believe all that we have experienced and endured over the past ten months. Despite the challenges we have faced, we are fortunate to have had two solid team members join our HBCA team. John Thomas, our Executive Officer, joined us in September and Tori Johnson, our membership coordinator, joined our team in November. Both have been instrumental since joining our team and we are excited to have them on board.

While we have not returned to all of our normal face to face events, we have been fortunate to be able to hold a few in person events while being mindful of the pandemic and the safety and health of our members, families and friends. We will continue to evaluate events and gatherings taking the best interest of everyone into consideration to determine our best course of action.

We are happy to report that the HBCA team is no longer working remotely. The HBCA team is back in the office and ready to help our members in any way they can. For those still not ready for in person meetings, we are offering all of our committee and other types of meetings with a Zoom option to allow people to remain actively involved. You may also communicate with our team via phone or through the following email contacts:

John Thomas:

Tori Johnson:

Erin Miller:

I am excited about all the new energy we have heading into the new year and what the future holds for the association. Looking forward to seeing a lot of you participate in one or more of our committees to help grow the HBCA as well as our businesses. Please get involved!

Looking ahead, our main focus for 2021 is growth.  With interest rates still at record lows and a shortage of inventory on homes in our area, there is still so much potential for growth despite our battle with rising prices and material shortages. Focusing on growing our association, membership and working together will in turn grow all of our businesses. We can and will overcome.

Your involvement is the key to making our HBCA successful. It is about “us” working as a team – with a common goal and creating an inclusive atmosphere. We can’t do it without you. This, combined with focusing on our mission and vision, together will do great things. Looking forward to a year of growth and success.


Christina Slate

HBCA of Brevard President

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