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Michelle Masline, 2017 President
Home Builders & Contractors Association of Brevard

Dear Members:

I am honored to be the 2017 President of the Home Builders & Contractors Association of Brevard.  I don’t take this role lightly, and I am committed to doing all I can to promote both the HBCA and the home building industry at large.

I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you the vision for the HBCA over the next year and beyond.  I say beyond because what I want to share with you is not just my vision for this year.  It’s a culmination of ideas that was collectively discussed with HBCA members, HBCA staff and the Executive Committee, with the hope that these ideas will continue to move forward even after this year is over.  At the heart of these ideas is the principle mission – To drive the value proposition of the HBCA.

With that in mind, several critical areas of focus were identified:


The greatest value proposition we can provide our members is Advocacy. It’s a direct benefit to our builder members as well as our associates. Successfully garnering both regulatory and political influence helps to remove industry barriers and promote moving our industry forward.  An example of this influence was recently evident with the building code and the accountability for denying, revoking, or modifying a permit request. Never again should you be denied a permit without the responding party citing the section of code or local ordinance being violated. This is a tremendous victory for the Home Building Industry in Florida. The HBCA will continue to use its financial resources to ensure that we can influence issues that affect our industry on a local, state & national level.


Outside of advocacy, the value proposition of the HBCA lies heavily within the multitude of member services that originate from our councils and committees.   Driving our value proposition means providing our councils and committees support to continuously improve and elevate our member services.  To this end, we have spent and will continue to spend considerable time meeting with each of the councils, listening to their goals and agenda, and identifying ways in which we can provide support.  We have also encouraged an environment where the councils support and engage each other.  Our leadership will play a big role in this effort.


The labor shortage has become one of the biggest issues facing our industry today.   We now recognize that this is not a short term issue, and the HBCA is focused on a long-term strategy to impact this critical area. To elevate this important issue, we have reached out to community leaders to express our concerns regarding work force issues in order to open up dialogue within different entities. It is my hope that the HBCA creates a task force in the near future to develop a long term plan that promotes residential construction as a career, and brings new employees to our home building trade partners.


Through the dedication of the Board of Directors and HBCA staff, our educational programs are evolving and integrating into the HBCA brand and our value proposition. Our goal is to create intriguing, relevant content for our audience, increasing engagement and awareness of the HBCA to members and non-members alike.  Support and promotion of these activities is a critical component to the success of our educational programs.


This initiative has become front and center, as our organization needs both an internal and external public relations plan to provide more effective communications with our members, as well as the public. As a result, we are focused on improving our website and brand initiatives.  Moving forward, HBCA staff will work to develop a PR Strategy, and once adopted by the Board, execute on the program.

While it may seem like a lot of areas to cover, I truly believe we have the right group of engaged leaders and members to drive the value proposition of the HBCA through each of these areas.

I truly believe that by driving our value proposition in these critical areas, we will build a professionally sound organization that provides ample resources to our members, successful influence in our local government, and promotes our industry throughout Brevard.  In doing so, our membership will also grow.

I take pride in moving into the future with all of you.


Michelle Masline
HBCA, President 2017

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