“Since joining the HBCA in August I have been referred by the HBCA on multiple occasions. A member of the Builders Association of North Central FL contacted the HBCA of Brevard seeking subcontractors as they were going to do some business in Palm Bay. After meeting with the company, I realized I needed some supplies that I did not have a supplier for. Later, at the Melbourne BMW Member Mixer, I met another member, Mason Howell of HD Supply, and learned he had the supplies I was looking for. As a direct result from this referral, my company gained a return on investment and gave business to another HBCA member.”

Jim Connolly
C & C Commercial Cleaning

“If you are a contractor or in a related industry group that supports the contractions field, The HBCA is the organization you want to belong too. I’ve only attended one event the HBCA put on but I enjoyed it.”

Tim Hamilton
CPA Payroll

“The HBCA has a lot to offer the community in terms of awareness of what is going on the building industry, trades & how things affect people living & doing business related to them. The HBCA also promotes their members, provides opportunities for networking & building relationships with other members.”

Tara Andrews
Twin Rivers Insurance

“I believe being a member gives you knowledge that you wouldn’t normally get. It is also a great networking tool.”

Kelly Smith
River Tree Builders

“Great Attitude and Service!”

Bob Di Bella
Continuing Education Academy

“Excellent networking and great guest speakers!”

Kenneth Bond
Falcon Realty & Development

“As a company we found HBCA to be loyal to its members and we have secured new business because we are members.”

Beverly Wiggins
PIP Printing