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July 2018 Builder Spotlight – Forbes Can Fix It

Chester Forbes, one of the newest Builder members and owner of Forbes Can Fix It, has been in business for the past 13 years serving Brevard County.

Forbes Can Fix It offers outstanding quality work that specializes in remodels, window and door installation, new home construction, custom homes, hurricane shutters and more.

Forbes offers excellent service and is always prompt to meet your needs. Attentive and reliable. Forbes will finish your project on time.

Consider calling Forbes for your next remodeling project

Call 321-591-5053 or Visit

Legislative Summer Hiatus Does Not Result in Rest for Governmental Affairs

It is that time of year, the beginning of summer break when members often ask what are the Governmental Affairs activities since the legislature in on its summer hiatus? Well, let me summarize this past week:

Building Commission Activities: FHBA Director of Governmental Affairs, Doug Buck, and Code Consultant, Joe Belcher, began a two week stint meeting with the Florida Building Commission (FBC) as they began work this week on what will become the 7th addition of the code. Not to worry, the new code will not take effect for at least 2 and 1/2 years. Because of changes to the code process adopted by the legislature in 2017, the process will take longer. But, there are no more automatic massive changes from the ICC. There will still be some changes, but the new process should allow us to more thoroughly evaluate the proposed changes.

You can find additional information on FHBA web site or attend the Code Committee meeting at the SEBC.

Rubio Tweets: You may be aware of a late last week by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio in which he indicates that he does not understand the severity of the construction work force shortage. He tweeted the following:

#EVerify is a very important reform. And while it is true that we struggle to find U.S. workers for many agriculture jobs, that is NOT true of construction. Americans can & want to do construction work.

FHBA worked in concert with NAHB and tweeted the following response:

Senator @marcorubio, @FHBAOfficial would be happy to meet with you to discuss construction workforce challenges in Florida. It’s one of the top headwinds facing the industry and slowing down economic growth.

In addition, Chuck Fowke (FHBA Member and NAHB Third Vice Chair) sent an e-mail to Senator Rubio’s staff reminding them that he met with them less than one month ago to discuss this very issue. NAHB lobbyists converges on Senator Rubio’s staff as well.

State Legislative Candidate Interviews: The FHBA is an active member of the State Chamber Political Institute. The institute is a non-profit political research organization. Amongst the research activities for members is the opportunity to interview legislative candidates. FHBA CEO, Rusty Payton attended two days of candidate interviews in Fort Lauderdale, interviewing 25 candidates. Much of the information gleemed at this interview and from the other sessions (which were attended by Rusty, FHBA Consultant Lobbyist Kari Hebrank and GOBA Governmental Affairs Director Lee Steinhauer) will be discussed at the July 11th PAC Board meeting being held at Rosen Shingle Creek.

Earlier last week, a joint delegation from FHBA and the Builders Association of South Florida (BASF) met with Speaker Designate, Jose Oliva in Miami Lakes. Significant policy discussions included property rights, tree ordinances and the need to reign in impact fees and what they for what they can fund. Attending for FHBA were First Vice President Bill Truex, Consultant Lobbyist Kari Hebrank and CEO Rusty Payton. From BASF were Ben Solomon, Chair of BASF; Carolina Herrera, President of BASF; Astrin Martin BASF Board member; and Truly Burton, BASF Executive Officer.

Public Service Commission: On rare occasion, FHBA interacts with the Public Service Commission (PSC) regarding issues affecting our industry. The FHBA filed public comments in support of underground distribution lines in new residential developments, because undergrounding appears to be the most cost-effect solution to preventing outages and optimizing the electric grid. Although the upfront cost to undergrounding may be higher, undergrounding saves the general body of rate-payers money by reducing physical damage to local electrical infrastructure, as well as, reducing utility’s operation and maintenance while optimizing revenue for the electrical utility by keeping the lights on. These savings should be accurately reflected in the formula used to allocate costs to developers. Our comments were developed by member of the FHBA Volume Builders Council and other large builders from around the state. To view a copy of the letter, click here.

Even though official legislative business has taken a summer hiatus, the FHBA’s Governmental Affairs program is fully engaged with political, regulatory and future legislative priorities.

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June 2018 Associate Spotlight – Armadillo Roofing

Armadillo Roofing has been a state certified general and roofing contractor throughout Indialantic and Brevard County for more than 10 years. Armadillo Roofing provides the finest roofing service in the area; cementing their reputation of excellence and making them the most preferred and reliable roofing contractor in Brevard County!

Armadillo Roofing has joined the HBCA recently to expand their horizons and is more than excited to join the community and assist the HBCA in their goals to improve Brevard County.

Armadillo Roofing provides each of their clientele with a personalized service that is completely tailored to their requests. Clients are informed on roofs which best fit their home; as well as the process necessary to complete the project. The client’s absolute satisfaction is always a priority for Armadillo Roofing. They believe in providing a roofing experience that is prompt, educational, and thorough.

Experienced staff are knowledgeable, and always treat their clients with respect and professionalism. Their staff is also bilingual; which meets the need of our Spanish speaking community. Certified contractors will ensure that the installation of your roof is done correctly and efficiently; without delay!

If you need a repair or replacement, Armadillo Roofing will get it done right, the first time! Let Armadillo Roofing install a solid, safe, and long-lasting roofing system that will keep you and your loved ones safe for many years to come!

For more information visit or Call 321-360-4850

June 2018 Builder Spotlight – Bella Custom Builders

Founded by Tony Ruggiano, Bella Custom Builders is a luxury custom home service that specializes in custom remodeling and new construction. Bella Custom Builders has locations in Port Charlotte on the west coast of Florida, and Melbourne on the east coast of Florida; allowing for easy accessibility for all of central Florida.

To start the new year right, Bella Custom Builders has recently joined the HBCA to expand their horizons. Bella adds to the community with their hardworking team consistently creating beautiful homes, which are customized to meet all of the needs for their clients.

Using luxurious architecture, high quality craftsmanship, and the finest materials; Bella Custom Builders is able to build a home that clients are proud to show off. Bella believes in creating a home as unique as each client and focuses on giving each client a home to brag about.

Bella’s team of contractors work alongside Armadillo Roofing so that clients can expect excellent customer service and flawless structural and roof installation. Bella’s team of superior professionals work diligently with each client throughout the process of the build; and will provide them with the type of luxury they never knew they needed.

For more information visit

May 2018 Associate Spotlight – Will Jimenez Construction Trades Specialist for Dewalt

Will Jimenez, Construction Trades Specialist for Dewalt, joined the HBCA to connect with and assist local construction professionals.

Dewalt is proud to be the only power tool company headquartered in the United States, boasting seven factories. Dewalt manufactures power tools, mechanical and adhesive anchors, hand tools, technology and accessories.

At the end of 2017, Dewalt formed a new division to support and promote safe jobsites. This devision provides construction firms with personalized consultation and on-the-job training. In addition, the devision can also assist in forming mechanical and epoxy submittals, epoxy certifications and on-site pull tests.

To learn more about how Dewalt can help make your job safer and more productive contact Will at 786-365-5960

or visit

May 2018 Builder Spotlight – United Contractors Building Corporation

United Contractors Building Corporation joined the HBCA of Brevard in 2015 to support their belief of supporting the industry that they are apart of.

With a combined team of experts and all the accompanying resources, United Contractors is your one and only source for estimating, materials, labor, construction, and completion.

United’s ability to complete phases of construction soundly and promptly only enhances the fact that our team responds to challenges in the field swiftly–and with hard work, integrity and reliability we are able to achieve outstanding results for our customers.

From Escambia County to Brevard, United CBC is ready to provide you with outstanding quality and service.


For more information visit

or Call 386-740-8188

April 2018 Associate Spotlight – Green Turtle Catering

Green Turtle is a full service catering company with an impeccable reputation. Culinary innovation and premier service has been the cornerstone of the locally owned and operated business since its founding in 2000 by Tim Dwight and Partner/Executive Chef Ercan. They joined the HBCA of Brevard back in December of 2017 to take advantage of the networking opportunities and benefits.

Green Turtle Catering is truly unique as they have the capability to do as little or as much as you need. They can build your event from the ground up, guiding you through venues, layouts, linen choices, florals, and of course the perfect menu. From traditional, classic offerings to new, seasonal tastes, they are always updating and expanding their menu to bring clients the best dining experience.

Green Turtle can deliver to your venue, staff the event, provide bar service and remove the event materials at its conclusion. Their professional staff is personable and stylish, providing experienced and efficient service.

In Addition, Green Turtle does not require a minimum guest count – meaning they can provide amazing food and service for your event of 10 or 1000.

“We strive for perfection and pride ourselves on attention to detail and approach each event with our client’s mission in mind. Our ability to accommodate any style, taste and budget will exceed your expectation.”

For more information or to book your next catered event, Call Catering Direct or Tammy Nicolette at 321-733-2001 etx 5

April 2018 Builder Spotlight – ODC Builds

ODC Builds kicked off their New Year by joining the HBCA of Brevard in January 2018. Charley Barley, East Florida Account Manager, joined the association to build quality relationships with other building industry professionals in Brevard County.

ODC Builds has been in business for approximately 15 years building success for production and custom homebuilders every day. ODC Builds delivers excellence in construction management, construction quality and customer service.

With Divisions in East Florida, South Florida, Orlando and Tampa, we are Florida’s largest shell construction contractor, delivering turnkey foundation, masonry and framing solutions.

They build thousands of homes each year, and provide the highest level of quality and service at competitive pricing.

With General Contractors, Engineers and Project Managers on staff and hundreds of in-house construction crew members led by a team of Field Managers? ODC delivers hands-on materials and construction management by talented, experienced professionals who work together as full-time members of the ODC team.

For more information visit or Call 386-341-3234.

Canadian Softwood Lumber

Click here to contact your member of Congress and ask them to encourage the President to re-start softwood lumber trade negotiations with Canada.

American home builders need reasonably priced lumber to build homes that average working families can afford.

U.S. domestic production is not sufficient to meet demand. NAHB is working with the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management to clear the regulatory hurdles that constrain domestic lumber production.

In 2016, the U.S. consumed 47.1 billion board feet of softwood lumber while producing 32.8 billion board feet. That’s a shortfall of 14.3 billion board feet. More than one-third of the lumber consumed in the U.S. last year was imported, and more than 95% of the imports came from Canada. Annual domestic production has not met demand even once during the last 50 years.

Why It Matters

The lumber supply problem is made worse by the Commerce Department decision to impose duties averaging 26.75% on Canadian lumber shipments into the U.S. The tariffs are acting as a tax on American home builders and home buyers, making housing less affordable for American families and forcing builders to look overseas to Germany and Russia in order to meet demand.

The fact that America cannot meet the nation’s demand for lumber is all the more reason to move forward on an equitable U.S.-Canada trade agreement that will provide a reliable and affordable supply of lumber and meet the housing needs of American consumers.


America cannot meet the nation’s demand for softwood lumber, which will only continue to grow as the housing recovery picks up steam. Therefore, NAHB believes the following steps should be taken:

  • Rescind the lumber duties, which will be finalized on Nov. 18, and negotiate a settlement to address American home builder concerns regarding price and availability of lumber. NAHB is meeting with representatives of the Trump administration and Congress, as well as Canadian federal and provincial officials, to achieve this goal.
  • Boost domestic production by seeking higher targets for timber sales from publicly-owned lands and opening up additional federal forest lands for logging in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Reduce U.S. lumber exports. Domestic producers are selling abroad to China and other international clients in order to increase profits. Exporting timber should be discouraged when there is a gaping need at home.
  • Seek out new markets to reduce our nation’s reliance on Canadian lumber imports and make up for our domestic shortfall. NAHB last year held productive talks with Chilean government, trade and industry officials that focused on increasing exports of softwood lumber to America. Other potential markets include Sweden and Brazil.

March 2018 Associate Spotlight – Klass Act Solutions

Klass Act Solutions is a technology integration company that specializes in computer, networking, audio/video, smart home/business, and home/business automation.

Klass Act Solutions joined the HBCA of Brevard less than six months ago to take advantage of the networking opportunities with local building professionals and make a difference with government and legislative issues. Kurt Kruel, Vice President of Klass Act, hopes to use his vast knowledge in Home Technology to help other builder and industry professional members.

Designing technology around your life and your world, Klass Act Solutions covers everything in home and business technology, allowing you to focus on your job. Whether you want to add, upgrade or repair, you only need to call one guy!

For more information on Klass Act Solutions visit